Christian Raeuber & Nils Walle

Directors & Founders

Welcome to The Global Air Cargo Alliance

We would like to extend our warmest welcome to all the members, we are very honored to have this opportunity to lead the network that is composed of dynamic, like-spirited and esteemed airfreight forwarders.

We aim to set goals to move our alliance forward over the succeeding years. Apart from uniting diverse airfreight forwarders, our goal is to establish mutually beneficial relationships, build closer contacts and pave the way for new business and attract proactive airfreight professionals to join our progressively growing network.

We are the first network to profile companies with Air-Air transshipment capabilities, to be listed in a special section “Air-Air Solutions” of our network website. The ability to work with partners that air-air transship at a global level means we can all create connections that airlines are unable to due to the 5th free-dome rights limitations (airlines need to touch base to their hub first before moving on to a final destination). Air-air Solutions will also be profiled in our agency list at an exclusive section for members to make full use of.

Our 2018 Kick-Off Meting was a huge success and delegates has been very positive. 116 delegates had attended and we made it possible to bring various actors in the airfreight supply chain in one location. It has been a pleasure to have everyone on board and witnessed everyone to grow from strength to strength and embark in this victorious milestone for the network. We aim to set bars in reshaping the playing field of air cargo.

Joining Global Aircargo Alliance gives you limitless possibility to work with the best in the industry.

Welcome to The Global Aircargo Alliance, welcome to a new world of air cargo forwarding.


Best regards,


Christian Raeuber + Nils Walle
Directors & Founders
The Global Air Cargo Alliance

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About the Network

The Global Air Cargo Forwarders Alliance is dedicated to connecting you to airfreight forwarders and professionals worldwide. We are a global network of international airfreight forwarders with global focus and local solutions. We pride ourselves to serving our members by connecting strong, independent freight forwarding and logistics outfits and unite you under one solid airfreight network.

Contact us if you are interested to learn more about the network or are interested to be a founding member by email:

Immediate Global Network Coverage

Being a member of The Global Air Cargo Forwarders Alliance gives you the opportunity to be represented globally. Through The Global Air Cargo Forwarders Alliance agency list, members are virtually represented everywhere in the world.

Only work with trusted and screened members

All Global Air Cargo Forwarders Alliance members have to undergo a screening process. The screening process will touch primarily on the applicant’s financial standing, length in operation, reputation in the market and sales strength. All members are likewise subjected to standard Code of Ethics and Guidelines.

Payment security within the network

We want to make sure that our members are paid for their effort and that all charges due within the organization are paid off on time. To address this issue, we promote the “GLOBAL-Safe” program as a safety-net for our members. The concept is to:

  • Pool member’s fund in a yearly basis
  • USD 5,000 is immediate payment security
  • Increase to USD 10,000, once you are 3 years with the network
  • Increase to USD 20,000 for members that are 5 years and above with the network

By having such a program, we increase the confidence of members to work within our alliance rather than loose outfits. The insurance coverage is offered to our members upon approval of membership.

Security within the network= Peace of mind

Meet Partners Face2Face

To build trust among partners you must meet them face to face. The yearly meetings have to be attended by Global Air Cargo Forwarders Alliance members to ensure activeness of members within the organization. If a member has not been active in the organization, the company is considered to be disqualified.


Global Branding

The Global Air Cargo Forwarders Alliance gives you the opportunity to sell the concept of being part of a global network having the potential of being bigger than any multinational competitor in the current market. The Global Air Cargo Forwarders Alliance will equip you with specific tools and solutions wherein you will excel in sales and marketing.

  • The Global Air Cargo Alliance will provide you development of client targeted webpage
  • Preparation of the complete brochure for targeting of global clients
  • Event and exhibitions attendance
  • Free advertisement in The Global Air Cargo Alliance Exclusive Newsletter

  • Airfreight Forwarders
  • Airfreight Professionals
  • Air-air transshipment providers
  • Direct Airfreight Consolidators (Retail)

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