April 23, 2018


Directors & Founders



Welcome to The Global Air Cargo Alliance

We welcome you to explore our exciting new venture in connecting likeminded, like-spirited Air Cargo Forwarders from all over the world into one solid alliance.

With the many forwarding networks out there, we pride ourselves to be highly focused on the Airfreight Forwarder, which means if Air Cargo Forwarding is in your heart, this is your global network. The main goal at The Global Air Cargo Alliance is to unify and connect airfreight forwarders into one community that builds relationships around solid business solutions.

We are the first network to profile companies with Air-Air transshipment capabilities, to be listed in a special section “Air-Air Solutions” of our network website. The ability to work with partners that air-air transship at a global level means we can all create connections that airlines are unable to due to the 5th free-dome rights limitations (airlines need to touch base to their hub first before moving on to a final destination). Air-air Solutions will also be profiled in our agency list at an exclusive section for members to make full use of.

We believe the Airfreight Forwarder has the ultimate freedom and flexibility to reshape the playing field of air cargo and is in the best position to reap the opportunities in the marketplace.

The Global Air Cargo Alliance is currently on its launching phase, which means companies that apply, and accepted to represent their territory will be profiled as a Founder of the network. As a founder you have exclusive benefits. Our first conference will be held in Bangkok on October 2018, where you will get to meet your partners from all over the world.  Let us know if you are interested by emailing us at info@globalaircargoalliance.com


Welcome to The Global Air Cargo Alliance, welcome to a new world of air cargo forwarding.


Best regards,


Christian Raeuber + Nils Walle
Directors & Founders
The Global Air Cargo Alliance

  • Airfreight Forwarders
  • Airfreight Professionals
  • Air-air transshipment providers
  • Direct Airfreight Consolidators (Retail)

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